Thursday, February 28, 2013

Hamlin Middle School In Corpus Christi Students Taking Drugs

It was learned recently that at least 13-students at Hamlin Middle School in Corpus Christi have taken the drug clonidine without a prescription. While the medication they took was in a prescription bottle, that prescription was intended for someone else. The school sat the kids down and told them the dangers associated with taking medication meant for someone else.

Police Officer Involved Shooting In Meyerland Section Of Houston

There was a police officer involved shooting in the Meyerland section of Houston tonight that left one man dead. The name of the deceased has yet to be released but the name of the police officer is D. Rivera. Police reports say that the suspect became angry and after throwing a coat at the police officer, he lunged at him with two pairs of scissors. That is when the officer shot and killed him. The Harris County DA and Houston Police Department are investigating this shooting.

Jermoine Mitchell Montgomery Houston Charged With Arson Fire

Three teenagers in Houston have been charged with arson at the Sheffield Square Apartments in the 14800 block of Perthshire. The latest being Jermoine Mitchell Montgomery, age 18. Xavier McKnight, age 19 and a 16-year-old juvenile have already been charge in this same case.

16-Year-Old Joshua Ortega San Antonio Killed Bicycle Hit By Car

A young man in San Antonio was killed last night when the bicycle he was riding was struck by a car. Joshua Ortega, age 16, was riding his bicycle on FM 78 after dark last night when a female driver of a Chrysler 300 hit him. According to police, a lack of lighting might have made it difficult for the cars driver to see Ortega and his bicycle.

Boys & Girls Club In Gatesville Tx Gas Leak (Closed)

It has taken longer than expected for the Boys and Girls Club in Gatesville, Texas to reopen. The facility was closed earlier in the week and remained closed on Wednesday while crews worked to fix the problem The club is located on Main Street.

San Antonio Man Riding Bicycle In Dark Killed By Car

A man was riding his bicycle on a dark road (5900 Block of FM 78) Wednesday night in San Antonio when a car struck and killed him. The driver stopped and told police she did not see the bicycle rider until after she hit him. Police are continuing their investigation.

54-Year-Old Lee Wise Midland Tx Firefighter Died Of Cancer

A well known and respected member of the Midland Texas Fire Department, Lee Wise, died last Saturday after fighting a long battle with cancer. Wise was only 54-years-old. He was not only respected by his peers, but also hundreds of regular citizens as well.

Lubbock Tx Police Chase Ends In 4-Vehicle-Accident

Wednesday night there was a police chase in Lubbock that resulted in a four vehicle crash. The wreck occurred at 82nd Street and Indiana. None of the injuries were considered life threatening, but at least two folks were admitted to the hospital.

17-Year-Old Folabi Akanbi Pearland Tx Collapse Death

People are not exactly sure why Folabi Akanbi, age 17, from Pearland died on Wednesday. However, it is known that he was playing a pick-up game. Akanbi was 6 feet 5 inches tall and was known to be an outstanding player. Akanbi collapsed at Silverlake Elementary.

Amnesty Declared In El Paso For Citizens With Outstanding Tickets

The good news is that if you have outstanding unpaid traffic tickets in El Paso, the city is prepared to offer you amnesty between now and March 9, 2013. During this amnesty program in El Paso, normal fees are waved and only the amount of the ticket is collected.

Huge DVD Counterfeit Operation Arlington Tx Busted

While serving a warrant on a person for another reason, Arlington police stumbled upon a huge DVD counterfeiting operation in their city yesterday. Almost 600 counterfeited DVD's were seized as evidence. A spokesman for the police department said this was one of the biggest counterfeiting busts in that city's history.

LC Drive Thru Beverage Barn Alice Robbed By Woman With Rifle

Police in Alice, Tx are on the lookout for a 40-year-old woman driving a dark grey Volkswagen 4-door car. According to police, this lady pulled up to the LC Drive Thru Beverage Barn on N. Johnson street and robbed an employee with a rifle. If you have any information on who might have committed this crime, please call the Alice Police Department.

38-Year-Old Reynaldo Hernandez Austin Convicted Of Murder

A man from Austin was convicted of murder on Wednesday. Reynaldo Hernandez, age 38, now faces sentencing from 5 to 30 years in a Texas prison. In June of last year, Hernandez stole a car and after leading the police on a chase, crash his stolen car into another vehicle killing the driver of that car.

33-Year-Old Christopher Beck Amarillo Tx Arrested

A young man by the name of Christopher Beck was arrested Wednesday morning in Amarillo and charged with burglary of the Civic Center. Police say Beck used a forklift to break into the concession stand.

Wednesday, February 27, 2013

78-Year-Old Van Cliburn Fort Worth Tx Died From Bone Cancer

Classical pianist Van Cliburn died today. He had been fighting bone cancer for a long time. Cliburn is best known for his concerts in Moscow, which help improve relations between the United States and Soviet Union during the cold war. Van Cliburn died at his home in Fort Worth, Texas.

Highland Park High School Dallas Placed On Lock Down

A scary incident occurred at Highland Park High School in the Dallas area this morning after a box of ammunition was found in one of the boys restrooms. School officials wasted no time in locking down the campus and trying to get to the bottom of why that ammunition was there and who brought it to school.

Home Invasion In Humble Tx Lands Three Men In Jail

There was a home invasion in Humble, Texas this morning. The crime occurred on Ackley Drive. The home was equipped with a burglar alarm and while four armed suspects were inside threatening to kill a women - the police were on their way to the location. Three of the four people involved in this home invasion have been arrest and one is still being sought by police.

Two Women Stabbed At El Torreon Restaurant In San Antonio

Early this morning, there were stabbings in West San Antonio that put two women in the hospital. It all happened around 2am at the El Torreon Mexican Restaurant on Culebra Road. According to witnesses, tempers started to flare when a man showed up at the restaurant with a new girlfriend. His old girlfriend's family was at the same restaurant. No arrests have been made at this time.

Bradley Devon Froman Elm Mott Tx Murder Guilty Plea

22-year-old Bradley Devon Froman plead guilty this week in the murder of Michael Lynn Hargrove Jr.. According to police reports, Hargrove and Froman were playing with a gun when Hargrove Jr. was shot and killed in 2009. Froman will spend 5-years in prison after his guilty plea on Tuesday. Froman and Hargrove were cousins.

State Rep. Ron Reynolds Houston Tx Barratry Charges Dropped

According to the Harris County DA, the charges against State Representative Ron Reynolds will be dropped later today. The reason is not because the DA believes him to be innocent of Barratry, but instead the result of two bad apples in the DA's office who caused evidence against Reynolds and others to be tossed out by the court.

Immigrants Released In El Paso Tx By ICE Sequestration Cuts

ICE officials in El Paso announced on Tuesday that some illegal immigrants who were captured in the US and being prepared for deportation are instead being released back into the community. ICE agents are blaming this release on the upcoming sequestration budget cuts from Washington. Apparently - the money being cut by the US federal government, when it comes to ICE, are those that help agents deport illegal immigrants from the United States.

Corrections Officers Beeville Tx Arrested Federal Indictment

13 officers that work in the prison system in Beeville, Texas were indicted last week on a long list of federal charges. Included in that list are: racketeering, money laundering, possess with intent to distribute ecstasy, marijuana, cocaine and methamphetamine. These prison employees worked at the McConnell prison. Click "more details" below for the complete list of who was indicted.

Schools Amarillo Tx Area Reopen After February 2013 Blizzard

Even with temperatures warming up above freezing and clear skies everywhere, it still takes many days for almost 20-inches of snow to fully melt. Most Amarillo area schools will be open today, but a few will start classes later than usual. Click the "more details" link below for a list of Texas Panhandle schools that will start late, today.

Brenda Lee Fies Copperas Cove Tx Arrested For Disturbance

A 32-year-old woman was arrested in Copperas Cove last night and charged with a disturbance. According to police, Brenda Lee Fies refused to allow them into her home when they first arrived. After a period of time, she did allow them in and police found a loaded .22 caliber rife hidden under the bed of her 9-year-old daughter.

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Chemical Spill San Antonio I-37 & Loop 410 Road Closed

An 18-wheeler-truck overturned Tuesday night at the merge onto I-37 from Loop 410. The tractor trailer was full of sodium hydroxide and some of the chemical was spilled onto the roadway. Traffic is expected to return to normal before morning rush on Wednesday.

Roberto Rivera Lubbock Texas Wanted By The Police

A 30-year-old Lubbock man named Roberto Rivera is being sought by police after fleeing during a high speed chase. A female driver was taken into custody. Rivera is described as Hispanic with a tattoo that says "Lucky" on his face.

Charles Andrew Capps New Caney TX Arrested Sexual Assault

A 21-year-old man from New Caney has been charged with the sexual assault of a 14-year-old girl. According to police, Charles Andrew Capps had been angry with the girls family for a long time and decided to take revenge out on the young girl.

Michael J. Marble Dallas Arrested For January Murder

A woman by the name of Roberta Moore was murdered on Scyene Road in Dallas in January. Today - Michael J. Marble, age 49, was charged with Capital murder in connection with her death. Moore was 60-years-old when she was killed and lived in the Pleasant Grove apartment complex in Dallas.

Kim Pelletier & Christopher Colpitts Lubbock Paramedics Injured

On Monday night, there was a wreck involving an ambulance in Lubbock. Two paramedics were injured in the accident. 41-Year-Old Kim Pelletier is listed in satisfactory condition, while Christopher Colpitts is in serious condition. The accident took place on South Loop 289 in the 5100 block.

23-Year-Old Christopher William Adams Rockport Arrest

A young man from Rockport, Texas was arrest today and charged with robbing a bank on Friday. Christopher William Adams was taken into custody on Tuesday. Friday's bank robbery put one school in Rockport on lock-down for a period of time.

Elsa Ramon San Antonio News 4 Delivered Baby Boy This Morning

Both mother and child are doing just fine. Elsa Ramon, known for her work on News 4 in San Antonio, gave birth to a 7 pound baby boy early this morning. The picture above is Elsa's new baby boy.

36-Year-Old Jesse Vasquez El Paso Arrested For Murder

An El Paso man was arrested recently and charge with the murder of Miriam Aguirre Salas. According to police, Jesse Vasquez had made threats against Salas in the past. Vasquez's bond was set at $ 280,000 and he remains in jail.

Living Earth Richmond Texas Fire Under Control

Last night, there was a big fire at a company called "Living Earth" in Richmond, Tx. The fire began inside tons of mulch. About one hour ago, the Richmond Fire Department declared this blaze under control.

Assault With A Deadly Sword In San Antonio Man Died

In a strange story out of San Antonio last night, a couple of good friends ended up in an argument over a girl and when it was all over - one of the friends was killed with a 30-inch sword. Alcohol was likely involved.

Christopher Sutton / Brian Ortiz Conroe Tx Improper Relationship

In Conroe Texas, not that far from Houston, two men working for the Conroe Independent School District were charged recently with having an improper relationship with a student. Police sergeant Christopher Sutton and referee Brian Ortiz, both former employees of the Conroe ISD, allegedly had an improper relationship with a female student.

Wood Hollow Apartments Fire San Antonio Affects 16 Families

There were a bunch of fires in the San Antonio area on Monday February 25, 2013. One fire on Sahara Drive and Isom Road severely damaged 16-unit in the Wood Hollow apartment complex. Thankfully, no one was seriously injured.

Amarillo Blizzard Of 2013 - City Looks Like North Pole

It was a tough day in and around Amarillo, Texas on Monday. It not only snowed, but the winds blew at speeds around 70 MPH. It doesn't take a genus to know that heavy snowfall and high winds do not mix well. The snow finally stopped falling in Amarillo late yesterday afternoon and when it was all over almost 20 inches of snow fell in a one day period of time. For the most part, Amarillo Texas will remain closed today.

Monday, February 25, 2013

DFW Airport (Dallas / Fort Worth) Flights Cancelled Feb 26 2013

There are thousands of people at DFW airport stranded tonight as high winds and blizzard conditions in other cities have dramatically impacted incoming and outgoing flights. In addition to those stranded travelers, people in cities around the world are being affected as well because DFW Airport is a major hub that airlines use to get customers from point A to B. Hopefully, by noon tomorrow all this mess will be cleared up and fights will start to return to normal times.

Hornsby Bend Biosolids Austin Fire SH 130 & FM 973

There is a huge fire burning near Austin tonight at the Hornsby Bend Biosolids Management Plant. The fire is consuming tons of dried out compost piles. High winds triggered the fire, but at this time it is not spreading to other areas.

Amarillo Blizzard Video From February 25 2013

New video has been posted on the Internet from blizzard ravaged Amarillo, Texas. Today's massive snow storm there could go down in history as being the biggest winter storm in Amarillo, ever. Click the "more details" link below to watch this amazing home video.

Amarillo Blizzard Paralizes Texas Panhandle Feb 25 2013

It's a terrible day in Amarillo, Texas as high winds and heavy snowfall are creating a perfect winter storm. The Emergency Management Service in Amarillo has told residents to stay off the road as 40 MPH plus winds are creating total white out conditions around the area. The Amarillo blizzard in February of 2013 could very well turn out to be one of the worst winter storms to strike the area in history.

Central Texas Blizzard Conditions Possible Tonight/Tomorrow

I just talked to someone in Amarillo who said that a foot of snow had already fallen there and they also had sustained winds of 40 MPH and gusts in excess of 70 MPH. Most businesses in Amarillo are closing early today. That same winter blizzard is heading toward Dallas and Fort Worth tonight and could even impact Hillsboro and Waco tomorrow.

Jose Sifuentes Dallas Pleads Guilty To Child Murder Charge

Back in October 2011, there was a murder of a 10-year-old girl in Dallas. Her name was Jasmen Gonzales. According to police reports, Gonzales disappeared from a family gathering in Charlton and was later found sexually assaulted and dead in a ditch. Jose Sifuentes was facing the death penalty in this case, but on his first day of trial he accepted a plea death with prosecutors that will put him in prison for the rest of his life.

Bradley Devon Froman Lacy Lakeview Guilty In Shooting Death

On New Years Eve, 2008, there was a shooting in Lacy Lakeview, Texas that left a teenager dead. This week, Bradley Devon Froman plead guilty to manslaughter of Michael Lynn Hargrove who was sixteen at the time he was killed. Froman will spend five-years in prison for the crime.

Why Was First Lady Michelle Obama On Oscars 2013?

I was stunned last night when the First Lady of the United States of America turned up on the 2013 version of the Academy Awards (Oscars). Unless I am very mistaken, most Americans don't want to see the Oscars politically corrupted in that way. Unlike many other Texans, I do not dislike the Obama's simply because they are liberal Democrats. That said, it was a stupid decision to have the "Best Picture" winner announced by Michelle Obama live from the White House.

Dallas Fort Worth Snow Likely Monday Night / Tuesday Morning

The weather is about to turn very cold in the Dallas and Fort Worth areas. Tonight, Feb 25 2013, will bring strong and cold northerly winds. Precipitation will build during the day and it could turn into snow by late tonight. Remember to dress warm for work this morning.

Will Waco's Baylor Lady Bears Win National Title In 2013?

Right now, the sky is the limit when it comes to the Baylor Lady Bears chances of winning another NCAA National Championship. However, Coach Mulkey will be the first to say that becoming over confident can bring any season to a quick end during "March Madness". As the "Big 12" champions for the second year in a row, the Baylor Lady Bears are definitely in the drivers seat to repeat in a national championship game during the "Final Four" of March 2013.

How Will Sequester Affect Dallas Austin San Antonio & Waco?

Some air traffic control locations will be shutdown in minor markets by the FAA when/if sequestration takes place. Two towers in Waco alone will be affected. However, most of the cuts will affect the Department of Defense and Central Texas is filled with military bases with tens of thousands of services member and their families. The Austin-American Statesman Newspaper published a good article about this issue over the weekend and you may read it in full by clicking the "More Details" link below.

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Cowboys Football History By Dallas News Writer Alan Peppard

If you are a Dallas Cowboys fan like me, you will love reading a little bit of team history put together by Alan Peppard from the Dallas News. Many of the details in his article were well known to me, but some of the "behind the scenes" stuff was really interesting to learn. If you would like to read Peppard's story in the Dallas News, simply click the "More Details" link below.

21-Year-Old Michael Casias San Antonio Shot At Birthday Party

There was a shooting at a birthday party on San Antonio's north side Saturday night. According to police there were several fights that broke out during that party and one guest Michael Casias, age 21, was injured when a bullet struck him in the upper torso. He was taken to Methodist Hospital with non life threatening injuries.