Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Five People Save Four Lives In Marlin Texas Fire

On Monday, a Christmas miracle came early in the City of Marlin, Texas as five new hero's were born. Instead of walking away when a neighbor was in need, five citizens of Marlin, Texas put themselves in harms way to save someone else. The names of those brave Marlin residents are - Pearlie Mitchel - Jammie Steele - Carlton Haynes - Rodney Scruggs and Lahazel Davis. On Monday afternoon, sometime around 2pm, a house caught on fire at Commerce and Conoly in the City of Marlin, Texas. Inside that home were four people - an adult woman and three children. When these new hero's arrived on the scene, the woman and a child were laying in the doorway of the burning home - while the other two children were still inside the burning house.

Without a thought for their own personal safety, five regular citizens took it upon themselves to rush into the flames of a fully engulfed house fire and save this woman and three children from possible death. The fire chief in Marlin, Texas (Curtis Keener) became emotional as he told reporters at the scene about the bravery of these five citizens who saved the lives of four other people before the fire department arrived. Fire Chief Curtis Keener said the he will call attention to the bravery of these remarkable citizens the next time the Marlin City Council meets. Someone told me once that no human being really knows exactly what they will do when called upon to risk their own life to save someone else until that time comes. This story bares out that wisdom.

The City of Marlin is located about 30 miles from Waco, Texas. I have traveled through there on many occasions in my travels to visit friends and family in the Bryan-College Station area. Little did I know during those trips through Marlin that there were some future local resident hero's that did not even know they existed before Monday. In the spirit of Christmas, nothing makes me feel better about the Waco area than knowing that we have hero's living around here - who will put their lives on the line to save people they do not or hardly know. Once again, the names of these new Central Texas hero's are ( Pearlie Mitchel - Jammie Steele - Carlton Haynes - Rodney Scruggs and Lahazel Davis) and may God bless them all.

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