Sunday, August 29, 2010

Will Baylor Bears "Rise Up" Campaign Lead To Victory?

If you live anywhere near Waco, Texas - it is impossible not to hear on the radio or see on television dozens of commercials declaring that in 2010 the Baylor Bears football team will "Rise Up". I must admit that these new commercials are appealing, but they are going to look stupid if the 2010 Baylor Bears football team does not come through on the field once the season gets underway. The first few "Baylor Will Rise Up" commercials I saw on television profiled some of the players the team has great faith in this year. In recent weeks, the head coach of the Baylor Bears has been shown making the same "I will rise up" pledge.

No one in Waco wants the Baylor Bears football team to win games more than I do, but I am afraid that the media hype about how well the team will play this year does not leave Baylor University much wiggle room if the football season turns out to be a disaster. To me, the "I will rise up" campaign was created by Baylor to sell as many season tickets this football season as possible - but if the Bears don't win this year, what will promoters at Baylor University try next season? The truth is that no one at Baylor knows yet how well the football team will play this year, so that makes this "rise up" media campaign nothing more than hype for money.

There is only one way to make sure the seats are filled to capacity for all Baylor Bears home games and that is for the team to start a winning tradition. If that happens, there will be no need for media hype to sell season tickets, because fans from Waco and all over the country will flock to see their games without a concern for how much those tickets cost. I love Baylor athletics and while many sports at Baylor University have become competitive nationally, the football program still lags far behind. I hope that in 2010 the Baylor Bears football program will "rise up" and if they do there will be no need to hype season ticket sales for home games next year, because every game will be sold out before the football season begins.

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