Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Tuesday Thunderstorms In Waco Caused Many Problems

Tuesday afternoon, my wife and I saw a normal hot day in Waco turn into a nightmare before the day was over with. As a mid-afternoon thunderstorm entered the Waco area, it created high winds after cool air from the north hit the 107 degree afternoon temps that day. In the aftermath, there were downed trees from downtown Waco to torn up fences in the Hewitt, Woodway and Robinson areas. Where we live, near Valley Mills Dr. in Waco, Tuesday's thunderstorm caused us to lose electricity from about 3pm on Tuesday till around 5pm on Wednesday afternoon.

Let's just put it this way, I have not been as miserable as I was Tuesday night in a long time. Thankfully, that night was not as hot as previous ones - but it was still very hot in our house when we tried to get some sleep around 11pm. Using a flashlight, I saw that our inside digital thermostat read 90 degrees for most of the evening hours. Folks, I would have given $100 for a working fan before the night was over. Sadly, we were not alone as hundreds of other Waco resident survived without power for the entire night. Finally, the early morning hours of Thursday morning brought Waco temperatures down to a range where we could get a few hours of sleep.

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