Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Another Cliff Jumping Death At Lake Whitney Texas

Just a couple of days ago, I wrote here about a young man who was killed at Lake Whitney after jumping from a cliff into the water. Then late tonight, (Wednesday August 11, 2010) there was breaking news that a young woman (21-years-old) lost her life tonight after jumping from another cliff at the same lake.

Listen folks, I understand as well as the next person how young men and women don't see danger when that take part in risky behavior. However, all of these deaths from jumping off cliffs at Lake Whitney is getting old and something needs to be done. The report I watched tonight on the local news in Waco stated that the young woman who was killed today jump from the top of a cliff that was about 70 feet high.

If true, it's no wonder she was killed. That's a long fall, even when the landing is in deep water. My guess is that this young woman hit the water hard and when she did not surface immediately, there was no one with her trained in water rescue. So she died. With two deaths in less than a week occurring on Lake Whitney Texas from cliff jumping, one would hope that young people would understand that jumping from a cliff into the water there is not a safe thing to do at all.

If there are important additional details to report tomorrow about this latest drowning on Lake Whitney, I will write about them then. However, tonight there are two people dead and scores of family and friends who are grieving because of the senseless deaths of two young people in less than a week from cliff jumping at Lake Whitney. Please if you are thinking about jumping off one of those high cliff at Lake Whitney, think again.

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