Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bill Flores Can & Probably Will Defeat Chet Edwards

"Bill Flores Can & Probably Will Defeat Chet Edwards." Tonight, the GOP runoff for the GOP nomination to run for the Texas U.S. Congressional District 17 House of Representatives seat now held by Congressman Chet Edwards was decided and the winner is Bill Flores who resides in the city of Bryan, Texas. Ever since President Obama was elected as our 44th President of the United States, I have had a gut feeling that a strong candidate will likely defeat Chet Edwards when he runs for reelection this November. Sadly, for Edwards - he has done all the right things especially when it came to his no vote on health care reform, but what is really going to hurt Chet Edwards the most is the fact that he belongs to the same political party as President Obama and Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi.

When you add those two negatives to the Bill Flores' positive of having almost one million dollars so far to spend in his effort to defeat Edwards you definitely have the makings of an upset victory for Flores this November. I personally like Chet Edwards and I believe for the most part he has done an good job representing us in the U.S. House of Representatives. However, the winds of change are blowing quite strongly right now in Texas and the only thing that Chet Edwards has not faced in many years of successful reelection bids was a well funded challenger that does not come across as some kind of extremist. While I wish Chet Edwards well in his reelection bid against Bill Flores this fall, the time may have finally come when Chet will no longer be able to hold back the GOP in his district and he is likely to go down to defeat in November more due to his political party's agenda - rather than his own.

Too Much Construction On I35 Near Waco

"Too Much Construction On I35 Near Waco." As a decades long resident of Waco, Texas - I have grown to love this small city in so many ways. However, there is one aspect of Waco that I do not like and that involves the never ending construction projects that are always ongoing on Interstate 35 (I35). I understand why the State of Texas is always repaying, remolding and expanding I35 - but when is enough going to be enough? Even since the NAFTA treaty was agreed to between the United States of America and Mexico, Interstate 35 (I35) has become little more than a truck route where tens of thousands of 18 wheeler vehicles burn up the road and leave little room for the average automobile traveler.

I moved to the Waco, Texas area back in the early 1980's and back then it was not a life or death process to drive up and down I35 on a daily basis. However, over the past ten to twenty years - I35 near Waco has become so congested and so filled with long haul truck drivers that my family and I try to stay off of I35 at all cost. Right now, there are several different locations in the Waco area where I35 is either going through a major expansion project or the State of Texas is building huge new mix-masters to help ease congestion by adding overpasses that climb to over five stories high in some locations. People in the know tell me that the population of Texas is growing so fast that the government has little choice but to be improving and upgrading I35 all the time.

While it is true that the State of Texas and even the Waco area are in a constant state of growth and expansion - the little secret that most legislators and the Governor in Austin do not what most residents to know is that it is really NAFTA that is creating all of this increased traffic on I35. In reality, NAFTA was pass into law to allow struggling countries like Mexico to have an advantage when selling their goods and services to the America people. However, the negative side effect of NAFTA was to allow poor counties like Mexico to exploit the American people by allowing cheap labor in Mexico to manufacture the products we want to buy at literally nickels on the dollar of what it would cost for an American company to offer the exact same product or service at the same price.