Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Vanessa Bulls Testimony Was Nauseating/Disgusting

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“Vanessa Bulls testimony was nauseating/disgusting.” Earlier today - the prosecution in the Matt Baker murder trial here in Waco, Texas – called to the witness stand a beautiful young woman by the name of Vanessa Bulls. While on the witness stand, Vanessa Bulls admitted to having an affair with former preacher Matt Baker both before and after the death of his wife Kari. While I did not hear all the testimony from Vanessa Bulls, I heard enough to get nauseated and disgusted by both her actions and those of defendant Matt Baker.

Why the McLennan County District Attorney decided to give a person like Vanessa Bulls immunity from prosecution just to add her little tidbits of tabloid sex stories to this trial is something I do not understand. If Matt Baker did indeed kill his wife as it now appears from the evidence that he did - Vanessa Bulls should be on trial too for not telling the police that he intended to kill his wife - while they were involved in an extramarital affair. Usually trash attracts more trash and in this affair/murder story that seem to be what happen. Rather than feeling any sympathy for Vanessa Bulls, while she was on the witness stand – I got extremely angry that she will walk away from this whole sorted mess a free woman.

Some people say that “love is blind”, but I don't buy that explanation when one person tells another who they are having an affair with that they intend to kill their spouse. Of course, Vanessa Bulls says that she thought that Matt Baker was not serious about that statement, but later on when his wife turned up dead – she most certainly knew something was wrong then. My layman's prospective about this case has changed since the Matt Baker murder trial began. I now believe that it is likely that he murdered his wife and if a Waco jury eventually finds him guilty of that murder – it will be a terrible shame that Vanessa Bulls does not spend time in jail too - for not speaking up when she had a chance to save another person's life.


  1. It's incredible just how complicit her participation in "planning" the murder really was - Ms Bullshit's testimony was so sweet and sugary compared to the cold calculating bitch she really is. Want Proof - listen between .36sex and 1m.01sec about the suicide note BEFORE and AFTER the murder

    Such a nice lovely christian !!!
    BURN MsBullshit !!!

    The LAW may have allowed her to escape unpunished - but she's a Guilty, Cold Hearted Manipulator - no victim here

  2. I love how these home wreckers (wh*res if you ask me). Always seem to find a way to blameeveryone else after being caught screwing a married man. Makes me sick!!! Vanessa YOU are the cheap sl8t who CHOSE to sleep with a married man. Then act like you have some right to be bitter because you got burned?? Give me a break!!! If we had stricter laws and a lower tolerance for these wh8res in society. Instead of feeling sorry for her and letting her behave like some poor pitiful manipulated victim. PLEASE!!!! When you CHOSE to sleep with a man that you KNOW is married. You deserved to be shunned from society and humiliated often!! Just like you humiliated this poor woman. And her children. Of which are the TRUE victims of this situation. Vanessa you make me sick!!! And you belong in prison right along side the POS who was MARRIED that you CHOSE to have an affair with. Dirty filthy disgusting PIG!!! She helped him PLAN this murder. Which makes her sorry ass just as guilty!! I just wonder which dick she had to suck to get off with NOTHING!! When the who8re should be spending the rest of her life rotting in a jail cell!!!