Saturday, January 16, 2010

Preacher Matt Baker Is One Cold Blooded Man

“Preacher Matt Baker is one cold blooded man.” As the first week of testimony has concluded in the murder trial of former Waco, Texas preacher Matt Baker – one thing has stood out in my mind more than anything else. From a decent human being point of view, Matt Baker is one cold blooded man. This week, the prosecution called many witnesses to discuss the demeanor and actions of Matt Baker in the weeks before and after his late wife Kari's death. After that testimony, it should be clear to everyone that Matt Baker is not only a self centered man, but he is likely to be a full blown narcissist too. From my layman's point of view, it's not a big step for a narcissist to cross over to the dark side and kill another human being - if that other person is not living up to the narcissists expectations of them.

In testimony this week, it was reported that shortly after the death of Matt Baker's wife Kari – he gave her cell phone to he mistress and not long after that he was seen at a Waco jewelry store helping that same mistress pick out an engagement ring with his and her kids in tow. Witnesses also testified this week that Matt Baker told some people that “a dark cloud had been lifted from his Hewitt, Texas home immediately after his wife died”. While none of this weeks testimony clearly indicates that Matt Baker murdered his wife, most certainly it will not put him in high esteem with the twelve members of a Waco, Texas jury that will stand in judgment over him when they deliberate his fate.

There is still at least one more week of testimony to go in the murder trial of Matt Baker. So far, I have seen damning evidence of what a terrible husband he was – but so far, I do not believe there has been smoking gun testimony that clearly points to him as being a murderer. Next week, the Matt Baker murder trial will take on a different feel as his admitted mistress takes the witness stand to testify against him in open court. All eyes in Waco and around the country will be watching to see what Matt Baker's mistress has to say on the witness stand and I plan to be keeping a close eye on this trial next week.

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