Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Matt Baker Murder Trial Begins In Waco

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"Matt Baker Murder Trial Begins In Waco." Earlier today, a jury was seating in the murder trial of Matt Baker. The former Waco area preacher Baker will now go on trial for the murder of his wife, Kari. I along with most other Waco area residents will be watching this trial closely as the McLennan County District Attorney's office presents it's evidence against Matt Baker. In recent weeks, I have come under some criticism from readers here because of my feeling that the McLennan County DA will try to convict Matt Baker of the murder of his wife based solely on his philandering lifestyle. I hope in the end, I am wrong about that and if Mr. Baker truly did kill his wife – I want him to spend the rest of his life in a Texas prison.

As many readers have already rightly pointed out to me, there is most certainly more evidence that points to Matt Bakers guilt than what has been released to date in the Waco news media. I grew even more concerned last week when the local District Attorney's Office wanted to call additional women to testify in court that they felt like on various occasions that Matt Baker was coming on to them in a sexual way. In my mind, that kind of suggestive testimony has no place in a murder trial other than to demonize the person on trial with the hope of getting people so mad at the defendant that they will convict him of murder just because they don't like his poor moral character.

Now, it's time for people like me that so far doubt the guilt of Matt Baker and the folks that completely believe he is a murderer to step back and let a Waco area jury hear all the evidence against him and make their judgment. Over the next few days, there will likely be mountains of evidence - which will be presented by both sides in this murder trial and I look forward to examining all of it to find out if the McLennan County DA's Office will be able to convince 12 local jurors that Matt Baker did indeed kill his wife - beyond any reasonable doubt.

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