Thursday, January 21, 2010

Erin Moriarty (CBS 48 Hours) / Matt Baker Coverage

“Erin Moriarty (CBS 48 Hours) / Matt Baker coverage.” Now that former Waco, Texas area preacher Matt Baker has been found guilty of murdering of his wife Kari – it will be interesting to see how Erin Moriarty of the CBS News Magazine “48 Hours” puts this whole story together on a future addition of “48 Hours”, which can be seen on Saturday night's here in Waco (Central Texas) on KWTX Channel 10 @ 9:00pm CST. For years Erin Moriarty has covered the Matt Baker case and for me it will be interesting to see what she has to say about the man (Matt Baker) who lied to her on more than on occasion and who was found guilty of murder by a Waco, Texas jury last night.

Long before the Matt Baker case was making news around the world, my wife and I enjoyed watching the CBS news program “48 Hours” for many years. Both of us have enjoyed the show more so over the past couple years as the program has taken a more mysterious approach to reporting murder cases that might otherwise not be known to people outside of the communities where they happen. My wife and I are in our 50's and to big TV networks like CBS, we are not in the prime young demographic that most advertisers want to spend big bucks on. However, the CBS News show “48 Hours” is a good program and for us it is interesting and one of the main reasons it is interesting is because of reporting of Erin Moriarty.

The past few weeks, Erin Moriarty has been seen here in Waco as the Matt Baker murder trial was being conducted. Shortly before the trial began, there was a picture of Erin Moriarty in the local newspaper (Waco Tribune Herald) where it was clear to see that she was standing in the hallway of the courthouse as Matt Baker was being lead into a courtroom. While it might be too soon to see a new report about the guilty verdict that was handed down against Matt Baker on this Saturday night's “48 Hours” - most certainly we will not have to wait too long before “Erin Moriarty and the CBS News 48 Hours crew” present a complete one hour show on all the lies that Matt Baker told to them and how now he is likely to spend the rest of his life in prison for the murder of his wife, Kari.

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Sadie said...

Thank you for noting that 48 Hours is covering the Matt Baker story. Erin Moriarty is definitely the "imbedded" journalist on this one. For those of your readers who are only now hearing about this case, the original 48 Hours program is a must-see.

If you visit the "Justice for Kari" blog, which is called "Dont Even Get Me Started," you will find a link to the original 48 Hours segment, which Erin did shortly after Matt had been indicted, arrested, and released, at the time when the Dulins were pursuing a wrongful death lawsuit against him, before the D.A.'s office later decided to proceed with their case against him. Knowing what we know now, it is appalling to watch the interviews with Matt and to hear him lie in his own words. It is chilling to see a sociopath in action, trying to get away with murder. Thank goodness he did not.

There are many other informative sidebar links on that blog, for the 20/20 program (in which Matt's mother claimed that 'suicide was not a bad answer for Kari'), the original 911 call, the original arrest affidavit, the Texas Monthly cover story, and other media coverage, including current news stories.

Many people have been following the Dulins' quest for justice for their daughter, and truth and healing for their granddaughters, for a long time now. The original 48 Hours program on the Baker case was very enlightening, and I for one can't wait to see the follow-up Erin will present, after having attended the trial.