Sunday, January 24, 2010

Why Not Volunteer At Fuzzy Friends Waco Rescue?

“Why not volunteer at Fuzzy Friends Waco Rescue?” Many years ago, God blessed me with an Internet business that allow my wife and I to live the life we had always dreamed of without the need to work at a regular 9-5 job. It wasn't long before my wife began to get bored with her new life, so one day out of the blue I suggested that she volunteer to help walk some of the dogs at our local Fuzzy Friends Waco Rescue. It wasn't long before she was going there once and sometimes twice per day to walk some of their dogs.

We have both been dog lovers all of our life and it didn't take long before my wife was looking forward to visiting Fuzzy Friends Waco Rescue on a daily basis. Along with the economy, my Internet business eventually failed and now we are both working 9-5 jobs once again to make ends meet. However, I have no doubt that if my wife had the time right now to visit Fuzzy Friends Waco Rescue again and volunteer to walk their dogs, she would be there in a heart beat to help out this fine Waco non profit organization. We have been married for over 20 years and I am convinced that those few years when she volunteered at Fuzzy Friends Waco Rescue were the happiest of her life.

So, if you have been blessed with the good fortune of having spare time on your hands during the day and are finding yourself a bit bored with your life – maybe you should consider helping out by being a volunteer at Fuzzy Friends Waco Rescue too. Nothing improves the human soul more than giving back something out of the goodness of your heart. There are hundreds of unwanted animals that are cared for on a regular basis at the Fuzzy Friends Waco Rescue and while some of the people who work there are paid employees, many more show up each day to volunteer their time. Volunteering at Fuzzy Friends Waco Rescue will most certainly help the animals and that staff who work there, but in the end the people that show up to volunteer there are the ones that receive the greatest gift of all.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Matt Baker Trial / Waco Tribune Herald Offered Great Coverage

“Matt Baker Trial / Waco Tribune Herald offered great coverage.” Not that long ago, a successful Waco business leader by the name of Clifton Robinson bought the Waco Tribune Herald. In my opinion, if Mr. Robinson had not stepped up to purchase the Tribune Herald – right now the one hundred thousand plus residents of Waco, Texas would no longer have a local daily newspaper. This week, the biggest news story to hit the Waco, Texas area since David Koresh occurred as Matt Baker went on trial for the murder of his wife, Kari. It's hard to image how thousands of Waco residents would have kept up with this trial on a minute by minute basis - if the Waco Tribune Herald was not around anymore.

Like thousands of other Waco, Texas residents – I always turned first to the online coverage of the Matt Baker murder trial from the Waco Tribune Herald website. During trial hours there was updated coverage of what was going on in the court room from a factual basis, but the Waco Tribune Herald also offered much more than just the day in and day out testimony of the witnesses that were called to the stand. In addition to those important details, the Waco Tribune Herald gave great insight into the demeanor of the witnesses, defendant, lawyers and jury that were involved in this important case. Also, the Waco Tribune Herald allowed reader comments on their website – which was an important feature that many people, like myself, enjoyed keeping up with during the Matt Baker murder trial.

Like many other people, over the recent past, I get more and more of my local and national news from the Internet. However, there is still a huge need in communities like Waco to have a strong and thriving local newspaper to cover big local stories like the Matt Baker murder trial. While I did learn most of this trials timely information from the Waco Tribune Herald website, there is no doubt that without the actual newspaper itself to help support the Waco Tribune Herald's online efforts - there would not have been a Waco Tribune Herald website to visit for important late breaking developments in this important trial.

Friday, January 22, 2010

A Sunday Tradition / Casa De Castillo Dinner For Two

“A Sunday tradition / Casa De Castillo restaurant Waco.” For as long as I can remember, one of the best restaurants in Waco, Texas (“Casa De Castillo”) has offered their “Dinner For Two” meal to local residents. On many occasions, over the years, my wife and I have enjoyed stopping by Casa De Castillo to dine on their “Dinner For Two” meal - which is very filling and only costs about $20. Long before Chili's and Applebee's began offering their own versions of two for $20 meals – the Waco brothers Castillo who own Casa De Castillo had their own Mexican style “Dinner For Two for about the same price.

Antonio III and Richard Castillo have been running Casa De Castillo ever since the death of their father several years ago. These two successful Waco business leaders not only understand how important it is for their customers to obtain quality food each time they visit their restaurant, they have always seemed to go out of their way to make sure they remember the names of their regular customers, which is a business trait that is too often absent is restaurants today. In addition to offering a wonderful meal special on Sunday's called the “Dinner For Two”, Casa De Castillo also offers a special meal during the middle of the week called the “Wednesday Special”.

I was first introduced to Casa De Castillo Mexican Restaurant in Waco, Texas back in 1984 - when a man by the name of Robert Weathers, who at the time was the General Manager of WACO radio station, took me there to eat one day. Over the past 20 plus years, my wife and I have enjoyed the food and the outstanding customers service offered by the brothers Castillo and we plan on visiting many more times over the months and years to come. If you are new to Waco or if you have lived here a long time, but never tried Casa De Castillo – stop by sometime and be treated like a member of their family at one of Waco's best locally owned restaurants.

Freddy's Auto Glass Waco / Saves The Day

“Freddy's Auto Glass Waco / saves the day.” A couple of days ago, I woke up to find a window in my car had been broken during the night. After calling the Waco Police Department - I placed a call to Freddy's Auto Glass in Waco, Texas to get my window repaired. As many Waco residents know, there has been an increase in the number of car break-in in recent years and nothing will get a day off to a bad start quite like walking out to your car and finding broken glass where the drivers side window use to be.

I just can't say enough good things about Freddy's Auto Glass in Waco. From the lady that took my telephone call to the technician named Rodney Duron who came to my residence to pickup my vehicle for repair, there was a tremendous amount of professionalism and kind customer service. From the time I placed my first telephone call to Freddy's Auto Glass, till the time the glass in my car was completely repaired was about 4 hours. Freddy's Auto Glass also took care of all the insurance paperwork and when they returned my car it looked like nothing bad had ever happened to it.

I moved to the Waco area back in 1983 and in many ways that decision was one of the best of my life. Over the course of the past almost three decades, I have been fortune to find many local businesses like Freddy's Auto Glass in this great community I call home. If you someday find a window in your car, home or business that has been broken due to an accident or break-in – you will soon learn that there are dozens of companies in the Yellow Pages that offer glass repair in the Waco, Texas area. However, if you want to make the right choice – I would highly recommend Freddy's Auto Glass located at 3605 Franklin in Waco. Their telephone number is (254) 752-1506

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Matt Baker Trial Finally Over

“Matt Baker trial finally over.” Today - the final chapter in the Matt Baker murder trial was written when a Waco, Texas jury sentenced him to 65 years in prison for murdering his wife, Kari. In a long murder trial by Waco standards, the evidence against Matt Baker was laid out in a trial that lasted a little over one week. However, when the jury went to deliberate a verdict against Baker – it only took them a few hours to find him guilty and then only a few hours more to sentence him to 65 years in prison.

As a final negative blow to Matt Baker, once the trial was over with today – one of Baker's attorney's told the media that he felt foolish for once believing in the innocents of Matt Baker. In addition to being a womanizer and murderer, it is now clear that Matt Baker was and is an accomplished liar. For years, he lied his way out of being held responsible for the murder of his wife and when questions about her death would not just simply go away as a suicide – he seemed to take great pleasure in lying to members of the local and national news media as well.

Like Matt Baker's attorney, I too was not convinced at first that he had murdered his wife. However, after reading much of the testimony that has been published on the Internet from his murder trial – there is little doubt that he did indeed murder his wife - so he could do what he enjoyed most and that was chasing after young women. In many ways, Matt Baker not only hurt himself with his selfish human desires – but he also gave a black eye to other men of God that really do take their calling as a preacher seriously. Hopefully soon, everyone will stop thinking about Matt Baker - because he does not deserve the attention that would give him. I do feel horrible for his two young children, though.

Erin Moriarty (CBS 48 Hours) / Matt Baker Coverage

“Erin Moriarty (CBS 48 Hours) / Matt Baker coverage.” Now that former Waco, Texas area preacher Matt Baker has been found guilty of murdering of his wife Kari – it will be interesting to see how Erin Moriarty of the CBS News Magazine “48 Hours” puts this whole story together on a future addition of “48 Hours”, which can be seen on Saturday night's here in Waco (Central Texas) on KWTX Channel 10 @ 9:00pm CST. For years Erin Moriarty has covered the Matt Baker case and for me it will be interesting to see what she has to say about the man (Matt Baker) who lied to her on more than on occasion and who was found guilty of murder by a Waco, Texas jury last night.

Long before the Matt Baker case was making news around the world, my wife and I enjoyed watching the CBS news program “48 Hours” for many years. Both of us have enjoyed the show more so over the past couple years as the program has taken a more mysterious approach to reporting murder cases that might otherwise not be known to people outside of the communities where they happen. My wife and I are in our 50's and to big TV networks like CBS, we are not in the prime young demographic that most advertisers want to spend big bucks on. However, the CBS News show “48 Hours” is a good program and for us it is interesting and one of the main reasons it is interesting is because of reporting of Erin Moriarty.

The past few weeks, Erin Moriarty has been seen here in Waco as the Matt Baker murder trial was being conducted. Shortly before the trial began, there was a picture of Erin Moriarty in the local newspaper (Waco Tribune Herald) where it was clear to see that she was standing in the hallway of the courthouse as Matt Baker was being lead into a courtroom. While it might be too soon to see a new report about the guilty verdict that was handed down against Matt Baker on this Saturday night's “48 Hours” - most certainly we will not have to wait too long before “Erin Moriarty and the CBS News 48 Hours crew” present a complete one hour show on all the lies that Matt Baker told to them and how now he is likely to spend the rest of his life in prison for the murder of his wife, Kari.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Matt Baker Verdict Guilty Of Murdering His Wife

“Matt Baker verdict guilty of murdering his wife.” About one half hour ago (9:45pm CST), a Waco, Texas jury found former preacher Matt Baker guilty of murdering his wife Kari. Earlier today, both the prosecution and the defense made their closing arguments and shortly thereafter the jury began it's deliberations. After about seven hours in the jury room, a unanimous verdict of guilty was returned against Matt Baker.

Tomorrow morning at 8:30am, the prosecution and the defense will begin the punishment phase of this trial and my guess it that Matt Baker will be a very old man before he sees another free day. As was expected, once the jury returned a verdict of guilty against Matt Baker his bail was revoked and he was immediately turned over to the McLennan County Sheriffs office for incarceration. Most experts believed that the Matt Baker murder trial would last for at least two weeks, but when it was all said and done the trial was over and the jury had reached a verdict of guilty in just a little over one weeks time.

Now that Matt Baker has been found guilty of murdering his wife Kari, the major news media from around the country will start to give their take on this strange case of a popular Waco, Texas area preacher that killed his wife. ABC's 20/20 and the CBS news magazine show 48 Hours have both had producers and reports in Waco covering the Matt Baker murder trial and my guess is that we could see a report from 20/20 as early as this Friday night and at least some kind of update on the status of this case on 48 Hours on Saturday night. I still wish there would have been a way to make Vanessa Bulls spend at least some time in jail for not coming forward earlier, but I guess that was just not meant to be.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Vanessa Bulls Testimony Was Nauseating/Disgusting

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“Vanessa Bulls testimony was nauseating/disgusting.” Earlier today - the prosecution in the Matt Baker murder trial here in Waco, Texas – called to the witness stand a beautiful young woman by the name of Vanessa Bulls. While on the witness stand, Vanessa Bulls admitted to having an affair with former preacher Matt Baker both before and after the death of his wife Kari. While I did not hear all the testimony from Vanessa Bulls, I heard enough to get nauseated and disgusted by both her actions and those of defendant Matt Baker.

Why the McLennan County District Attorney decided to give a person like Vanessa Bulls immunity from prosecution just to add her little tidbits of tabloid sex stories to this trial is something I do not understand. If Matt Baker did indeed kill his wife as it now appears from the evidence that he did - Vanessa Bulls should be on trial too for not telling the police that he intended to kill his wife - while they were involved in an extramarital affair. Usually trash attracts more trash and in this affair/murder story that seem to be what happen. Rather than feeling any sympathy for Vanessa Bulls, while she was on the witness stand – I got extremely angry that she will walk away from this whole sorted mess a free woman.

Some people say that “love is blind”, but I don't buy that explanation when one person tells another who they are having an affair with that they intend to kill their spouse. Of course, Vanessa Bulls says that she thought that Matt Baker was not serious about that statement, but later on when his wife turned up dead – she most certainly knew something was wrong then. My layman's prospective about this case has changed since the Matt Baker murder trial began. I now believe that it is likely that he murdered his wife and if a Waco jury eventually finds him guilty of that murder – it will be a terrible shame that Vanessa Bulls does not spend time in jail too - for not speaking up when she had a chance to save another person's life.

Monday, January 18, 2010

Matt Baker Mistress Vanessa Bulls Testifies Tomorrow

“Matt Baker mistress Vanessa Bulls testifies tomorrow.” It will be the most interesting day yet in the Waco, Texas Matt Baker murder trial tomorrow when admitted mistress Vanessa Bulls takes the witness stand to not only testify against her former lover – but the prosecution has all but said that Bulls will say that she not only knows for sure that preacher Baker killed his late wife Kari, but she also will tell the jury how he did it. While most of us already know that Vanessa Bulls will tell the jury in Matt Baker's murder trial tomorrow that he killed his ex-wife Kari, the biggest and as of yet unknown question is what will Matt Baker's defense team say and do to destroy her creditability as a prosecution witness?

The biggest question in my mind when it comes to Vanessa Bulls testimony against preacher Matt Baker is why it took her so long to come clean not only about her affair with him, but also if she knew for sure that Matt Baker killed his wife and also knew all the details about how he did it – why is she now not facing some kind of criminal charges as well in regards to obstruction of justice? More than likely the McLennan County (Waco, Texas) District Attorney's Office made a deal with Vanessa Bulls that will assure her that she will spend no time in jail - if she testifies against Matt Baker. I don't know about you, but I always wonder if these kinds of witness really tell the truth or do they just rubber stamp whatever the DA wants them to say on the witness stand just to escape a prison sentence?

All along I have been suspicious of this whole Matt Baker murdered his wife theory that has been presented to people in and around Waco, Texas for years. However, I have to admit that last weeks testimony in Matt Bakers Waco murder trial did give me pause about his personal character and I am less a believer in his innocence today than I was just one week ago. For me, it will matter less what Vanessa Bulls says on the witness stand tomorrow than what I heard in testimony last week about how cold blooded and cruel Matt Baker is as a human being. Much of last weeks prosecution testimony against Matt Baker, which was not disagreed with by his defense team, presented him as a horrible man and husband that showed really no outward grief at all when his wife Kari died and who in fact also said positive things about her death to people only a few short days/weeks after she died.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Preacher Matt Baker Is One Cold Blooded Man

“Preacher Matt Baker is one cold blooded man.” As the first week of testimony has concluded in the murder trial of former Waco, Texas preacher Matt Baker – one thing has stood out in my mind more than anything else. From a decent human being point of view, Matt Baker is one cold blooded man. This week, the prosecution called many witnesses to discuss the demeanor and actions of Matt Baker in the weeks before and after his late wife Kari's death. After that testimony, it should be clear to everyone that Matt Baker is not only a self centered man, but he is likely to be a full blown narcissist too. From my layman's point of view, it's not a big step for a narcissist to cross over to the dark side and kill another human being - if that other person is not living up to the narcissists expectations of them.

In testimony this week, it was reported that shortly after the death of Matt Baker's wife Kari – he gave her cell phone to he mistress and not long after that he was seen at a Waco jewelry store helping that same mistress pick out an engagement ring with his and her kids in tow. Witnesses also testified this week that Matt Baker told some people that “a dark cloud had been lifted from his Hewitt, Texas home immediately after his wife died”. While none of this weeks testimony clearly indicates that Matt Baker murdered his wife, most certainly it will not put him in high esteem with the twelve members of a Waco, Texas jury that will stand in judgment over him when they deliberate his fate.

There is still at least one more week of testimony to go in the murder trial of Matt Baker. So far, I have seen damning evidence of what a terrible husband he was – but so far, I do not believe there has been smoking gun testimony that clearly points to him as being a murderer. Next week, the Matt Baker murder trial will take on a different feel as his admitted mistress takes the witness stand to testify against him in open court. All eyes in Waco and around the country will be watching to see what Matt Baker's mistress has to say on the witness stand and I plan to be keeping a close eye on this trial next week.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Sex/Lies/Murder – Matt Baker Waco Texas Trial

“Sex/Lies/Murder – Matt Baker Waco Texas trial.” Day two has just concluded in a murder trial in Waco, Texas - which could last up to two weeks. The defendant is a former Waco area preacher by the name of Matt Baker who has been charged with murdering his wife and then trying to cover up his crime by making it appear that she committed suicide. During the first few days of this trial, members of the local news media and network television producers from ABC and CBS have been following the court proceedings at the McLennan County Court House in downtown Waco, Texas.

So far, there seems to be a bunch of circumstantial evidence pointing to the guilt of Matt Baker – but there are still many days yet to go in this trial that has captured the interest of people around the world. The most interesting testimony today came from a computer IT expert that said he was certain that a computer from Matt Baker's IP address visited his Canadian pharmacy website to order a sleeping medication called Ambien. While today's witness claimed that Matt Bakers computer IP address did place an order for Ambien into the shopping cart of his pharmacy website, the witness also said that Baker never paid for or was shipped that medication.

There was laughter in court today as the presiding judge tried to keep both the jury and legal teams from both sides awake during some pretty boring computer expert testimony. For me, at the end of the day, it is pretty clear that Matt Baker did go onto at least one website to try and purchase the sleeping medication Ambien, but so far – the prosecution in this case has not proven that he actually bought sleeping pills to give to his wife. Testimony in the Matt Baker Waco, Texas murder trial is expected to continue through next week. Right now, it is still anyone's guess as to whether or not a jury of his peers will find Matt Baker guilty of murdering his wife.

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Matt Baker Murder Trial Begins In Waco

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"Matt Baker Murder Trial Begins In Waco." Earlier today, a jury was seating in the murder trial of Matt Baker. The former Waco area preacher Baker will now go on trial for the murder of his wife, Kari. I along with most other Waco area residents will be watching this trial closely as the McLennan County District Attorney's office presents it's evidence against Matt Baker. In recent weeks, I have come under some criticism from readers here because of my feeling that the McLennan County DA will try to convict Matt Baker of the murder of his wife based solely on his philandering lifestyle. I hope in the end, I am wrong about that and if Mr. Baker truly did kill his wife – I want him to spend the rest of his life in a Texas prison.

As many readers have already rightly pointed out to me, there is most certainly more evidence that points to Matt Bakers guilt than what has been released to date in the Waco news media. I grew even more concerned last week when the local District Attorney's Office wanted to call additional women to testify in court that they felt like on various occasions that Matt Baker was coming on to them in a sexual way. In my mind, that kind of suggestive testimony has no place in a murder trial other than to demonize the person on trial with the hope of getting people so mad at the defendant that they will convict him of murder just because they don't like his poor moral character.

Now, it's time for people like me that so far doubt the guilt of Matt Baker and the folks that completely believe he is a murderer to step back and let a Waco area jury hear all the evidence against him and make their judgment. Over the next few days, there will likely be mountains of evidence - which will be presented by both sides in this murder trial and I look forward to examining all of it to find out if the McLennan County DA's Office will be able to convince 12 local jurors that Matt Baker did indeed kill his wife - beyond any reasonable doubt.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Preparing For Matt Baker's Waco Murder Trial

“Preparing for Matt Baker's Waco murder trial”. Residents of Waco, Texas and around the world are preparing for the January 2010 trial of former preacher Matt Baker. Baker will go on trial for the murder of his wife Kari many years ago. In the beginning, police ruled the death of Kari Baker a suicide – but after many months of pressure from her family – the Hewitt, Texas police department reopened the case and after an autopsy revealed that the cause of her death was “inconclusive” - the McLennan County District Attorney's Office was successful in obtaining a grand jury indictment for murder against Matt Baker. His murder trial begins in a couple of weeks.

Not since David Koresh - has a major criminal investigation in Waco, Texas stirred up such great national and international attention. People around the world became interested in the death of Kari Baker after “48 Hours” and other U.S. national television news programs began looking into her questionable death many years ago. Of course, this story of a preacher man that came home to find his wife dead from an apparent suicide - took on new meaning when it was learned that he had apparently been having an extramarital affair with a female member of his congregation. It was that alleged mistresses testimony that lead to a grand jury indictment of Matt Baker for murder.

Right now, I do not think that the the McLennan County District Attorney's Office has enough evidence to convict Matt Baker of the murder of his wife. However, when you introduce into evidence, at a murder trial, that a married and respected preacher was having an extramarital affair - while at the same time his wife was allegedly at home committing suicide - there is no telling what a Waco jury will decided when it comes to judging Matt Baker's responsibility in the death of his wife. Fasten your seat-belts - because the next couple of weeks are going to be very interesting in Waco, Texas as the murder trial of Matt Baker beginning at the McLennan County Courthouse.