Sunday, December 27, 2009

Will Preacher Matt Baker Be Convicted Of Killing His Wife?

“Will preacher Matt Baker be convicted of killing his wife?” From my point of view the answer is no, but when you put adultery into the mix of a Waco, Texas murder trial – anything is possible. While Matt Baker has denied killing his wife and also having an extramarital affair with a member of his congregation before his wife's death, I believe most Waco residents believe that he did cheat on his wife, Kari – but most people are not convinced that he was responsible for her death. Here in the Heart of Texas (HOT) there are many people who will not find it difficult to believe that if Matt Baker cheated on his wife Kari, that he must have also murdered her too.

I have kept up with this case for years in the local newspaper (Waco Tribune Herald) and to date, I do not see any smoking gun evidence that proves beyond a reasonable doubt that Matt Baker murdered his wife. Instead, I find it easier to believe that his ridiculous time table of what happened the night his wife died was likely caused by him not wanting to admit that he was out seeing another woman – while his wife Kari was at home committing suicide. This whole murder Matt Baker murder trial has been pushed by Kari's family, because they truly believe that Matt Baker killed his wife. In my view, their strong belief that Matt Baker murdered Kari - is much easier for them to accept than the possibility that someone they loved decided to take her own life.

As the murder trial of Matt Baker starts soon, I am going into it with an open mind and if the prosecution is able to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that Matt Baker did indeed murder his wife, then I will most certainly change my opinion about this case. However, with just a few weeks to go before Baker goes on trial for murder here in Waco – the evidence still looks extremely weak when it comes to convicting him of the murder of his wife. In addition to keeping up with this case via the Waco Tribune Herald, I have also watched the various specials that have been presented by the CBS News program “48 Hours” about this case. As the Waco trial date of Matt Baker approaches, “48 Hours” and other members of the national mainstream news media will once again take a special interest in following this case.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Will Recession Effect Waco Area In 2010?

“Will recession effect Waco area in 2010?” The answer is probably yes. For some strange reason, Waco tends to run behind the rest of the country when it comes to economic trends. For the past six months, the economy in Waco has remained pretty strong – while in other cities around the United States, people have been losing jobs at an alarming rate. I first moved to the Waco area back in 1983 and ever since that time I have found that not only do the attitudes and the opinions of most Waco resident differ from those of people in other communities, but also when it comes to hard-times and recession – the Waco area is usually the last to enter them and it is also the last area of the country to recover as well.

I have always thought of this delayed reaction trend in Waco as a great way to keep up with what is coming next, as it relates to the U.S. economy. Unlike the major cities of New York, Los Angeles or even Dallas – Waco seems to always keep moving along at a steady pace and when bad economic times do hit the United States of America, most Waco residents received a wake up call months before bad economic times even start to hit our area. Sadly, what was good for Waco in 2009 – will likely be a huge negative in 2010 as the bad economy that has effected other cities around the United States for the past six months, will finally settle in and negatively effect Waco citizens at the exact same time when all of those other cities are moving toward an economic recovery. In Waco, I think we need to all prepare for some pretty tough financial times in 2010. I hope that will not happen, but if history is any guide – Waco citizens will see a major recession hit our city within the next six months.

For me, I hope to just ride out the upcoming local financial storm with the same patience that other Americans have used for the better part of 2009 as their cities struggled through some pretty tough economic times and unemployment numbers. I love living in Waco and the fact that our economy does not run at the same fast pace as many other much larger cities is something I wear like a badge of honor. There is nothing wrong with Waco taking it's time before it buys on to all the new stuff going on around the world. That attitude has kept most Waco businesses solvent the past year and a half and it is also the reason why Waco residents will come out of the other end of this latest economic recession as a stronger city than when we went into it.

Friday, December 18, 2009

Is 135 Prime Waco Restaurant Good For Parties?

“Is 135 Prime Waco restaurant good for parties?” From my point of view, the answer is yes. About one week ago, my company held our annual Christmas Party at 135 Prime – located at 1201 Hewitt Drive in Waco and I think everyone had a really good time. Many of the people that I work with usually eat at either fast food restaurants in the Waco area or if they go out for sit down dinner they choose a place that serves family style food. For Waco, 135 Prime is an extra nice restaurant - where a nice lady greets you at the door and asked about your reservation. That was the first clue to me that “135 Prime Waco” was not going be like most eating establishments in this area.

After my wife and I were greeted at the front door, we were escorted to the back of the restaurant to a special room that was reserved for our party. It was easy to see, as we made our way back to the room where our Christmas Party was being held, that 135 Prime was not like most restaurants we usually visit in the Waco area. In fact, before it was closed several years ago – my company regularly held our annual Christmas Party at the Waco Northwood Inn. My wife and I enjoyed that restaurant and we were sad when it closed. After entering our party room at 135 Prime, we were seated at a table that was decorated nicely and we sat in very comfortable white backed chairs – which we also thought was a nice touch. Our Christmas Party, at 135 Prime in Waco, was held in the “Audrey Hepburn Room” - which I believe is the largest party room available there.

As my wife and I made our way back to the room where my Christmas Party was being held, we were able to see other diners that were visiting 135 Prime Waco - who were seated in the main restaurant section. I must say, that I felt a little bit under-dressed when I first walked into this restaurant. As we made our way back to the Audrey Hepburn room at 135 Prime, I remember thinking in the back of my mind that I should have maybe worn a tie or at least a black jacket before going to such a nice restaurant? However, it was good to see other Waco residents eating in their main restaurant area - who were not dressed up in their Sunday best either, even on a Saturday night - just a couple of weeks before Christmas. As far as the food and service goes at 135 Prime Waco, I would just say that – for me - there was nothing at this restaurant disappointing and if you are searching for the perfect place for a company party or an intimate date, 135 Prime Waco is the perfect location for you.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

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