Sunday, March 29, 2009

City Of Waco Needs More Police Officers To Protect Citizens

While most cities around the nation are tightening their belts because of the current nationwide recession, the City of Waco needs to consider expanding one part of it's budget and that is to hire more police officers to keep citizens of Waco and their property safe. For a long time, I have believed that some leaders in Waco have not allowed the Waco Police Department to expand with the growing crime rate and now that the 2009 recession is causing an even greater increasing in local crime, the need for more warm bodied police officers on the street is becoming a necessity.

I know the problems that Waco city officials will point to when it comes to putting more police officers on the streets of Waco and they are right that many people will not want higher taxes in order to pay for increasing the number of on the streets officers employed by the Waco PD. That said, sometimes elected officials need to take a stand and do the right thing even when some loud people do not want any tax increases.

When it comes to hiring more police officers to patrol the streets of Waco, the Waco City Council should do the same thing that school boards have done for years and that is to just do the right thing. If school boards followed the advise of some loud mouths that never want increase taxes under any circumstances - our school children would be learning in an open field under a tree somewhere, instead of in a comfortable tax supported building.

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Title: City Of Waco Needs More Police Officers To Protect Citizens
Written: March 29, 2009
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