Sunday, August 31, 2008

5-8-15-25-40-53, Waco Texas Winning Lotto Numbers

My daily travels take me by the EZ Stop Convenience Store at 19th and Park Lake Drive in Waco many times each month and this week I found out that it would have been a good idea for me to stop into this store before and purchase a Texas Lotto ticket. Last week, one person bought the winning ticket for the Texas Lotto at the EZ Stop Convenience Store in Waco, Texas and that ticket is now worth $30 million dollars. So far no one has shown up in Fort Worth or Austin to claim the prize, but most certainly we will all find out in the next few days who the person was that bought the winning $30 million Texas Lotto ticket in Waco last week.

The winning numbers in last weeks Texas Lotto were 5-8-15-25-40-53 and when this winning ticket is finally redeemed for cold hard cash, the EZ Stop convenience store will also receive a check from the Texas State Lottery Commission in the amount of $304,903. When the Lottery first came to Texas a couple of decades ago, I use to play it every Friday night by buying a ticket at a near by store on my way home from work. However, over the years I slowly stopped playing the Texas Lottery and I believe I might not be alone because in recent years the number of people playing the Texas Lotto is going down and not up like other lotteries in other states.

At work last week, someone was walking around the office trying to find out if someone that worked there was the latest Texas millionaire, but like so many times before - I doubt if the person that won the $30 millions dollars in Waco last week is anyone that I know. I did hear a funny story that came from a person in another state that won his states lottery and that person said that there is one thing you should always do if you win a multimillion dollar lottery and that first thing is to change your telephone number because every Tom, Dick and Harry that ever knew you or thought they knew you will be coming out of the woodwork looking for a hand out.

Title: 5-8-15-25-40-53, Waco Texas Winning Lotto Numbers
Written: August 31 2008
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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Waco Prepares For Gustav Evacuees From South Texas

Here in Waco, Texas and all across the state - city and county governments along with non profit organizations and churches are preparing for the potential influx of evacuees that could be forced inland as the massive Hurricane Gustav (now Category 4 strength) prepares to strike the U.S. Gulf Coast sometime Monday night. Hurricane Gustav has already passed Cuba and is heading into the warmest waters of the Gulf of Mexico tonight which will fuel this deadly hurricane even more.

No one really knows where Gustav will make landfall on Monday night, but it could be anywhere from the Texas Gulf Coast all the way to the Florida panhandle. The people of New Orleans and the Mississippi Gulf Coast are taking no chances and the mayor of New Orleans has already order that his city be evacuated as soon as possible. After Hurricane Katrina and Rita back in 2005, counties in Texas assisted by the state worked out a sister county program with each other so the next time a massive evacuation was needed, each county on the Gulf Coast would know where to send their people if that city was forced to evacuate because of a major hurricane.

Here in McLennan County, our sister county is Nueces County which is the home to Corpus Christi Texas. People in and around Waco have been preparing this Labor Day holiday weekend to take in our friends and neighbors to the south in Nueces County if Hurricane Gustav makes a left hand turn and heads for the southern Texas Gulf Coast. If there was any good news that came out after Hurricane Katrina back in 2005 it was that local, state and federal officials don't sit on their hand anymore and wait to pick up the pieces after a major hurricane strikes the Gulf Coast.

Title: Waco Prepares For Gustav Evacuees From South Texas
Written: August 30 2008
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Westfest Weekend, Is It Safe To Drive In West, Texas?

If it's Labor Day weekend there are two things that everyone in Central Texas can count on. The first thing is the Jerry Lewis Labor Day Telethon that is broadcast every year on KWTX-TV Channel 10 and also the party of all parties in West, Texas called 'Westfest'. Over the past two or three years there have been several fatal traffic accidents blamed on drunk drivers in the Central Texas City of West and then on the eve of Westfest this year there was another one last night. Right now, I'm not sure if alcohol was involved in this latest accident - but if it was it would not surprise me in the least.

I work with a young woman that lives in West, Texas and she confirmed to me a few days ago that the long term, wrong headed, attitude among young people that it is all right to drink and drive is still widely followed in West. The good news is that whether local West Police Officers want to enforce DUI laws in the small Central Texas town or not, this year the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) is going to be showing a massive presents in West, Texas to make sure that people who have had too much to drink don't make the mistake in judgment to drive as well.

Everyone that lives anywhere in Central Texas from Killeen to Temple to Waco knows about the big time party that happens in West, Texas every year called 'Westfest'. It's sad when some people cannot enjoy a good time without drinking to excess - but that is exactly what happens too many times to people that make a trip to Westfest over the long Labor Day holiday weekend. From Interstate 35 (I-35), to it's access roads, to the usually quite streets of West Texas this city is making front page news all over Texas right now because so many people have been killed by drunk drivers in the City of West. I only hope that people that call this fun and loving town of West, Texas home will grow up and realize that they can have fun without filling their belly's with beer and hard liquor first, just to have a good time.

Title: Westfest Weekend, Is It Safe To Drive In West, Texas?
Written: August 30 2008
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Sunday, August 3, 2008

Alcohol Issues In West Texas

In recent months there have been several incidents where young people that live in the small Central Texas city of West have been involved in motor vehicle accidents that have resulted in the loss of life. These latest fatal accidents in and around this city that is known for it's ability to have a drink for almost anything has brought negative attention to all people that call West, Texas home.

Most people that live in Central Texas best know West as the place where thousands of people gather over Labor Day Weekend for an annual event called 'West Fest' During 'West Fest' there are parties and rodeos, but the biggest thing that happens in West, Texas during the 'West Fest' celebration is the consumption of large amounts of alcohol.

Apparently, the young people in West have learned from their elders when it comes to drinking an alcoholic beverage for just about every occasion whether that event is happy or sad. This problem in West, Texas is much greater than just the self destructive effects of heavy drinking, but the numbers of people that choose to drink and drive are also high.

I know a couple of young people that grew up in and still live in the Central Texas city of West, Texas and when I asked them about how the youth of West view the issue of drinking while driving – they confirmed my worst fears that most young people in West have not learned from these recent DUI deaths and most kids are still choosing to drink and drive as a part of their normal everyday life.

Right now I do not know what it will take to change the attitudes of young people that live in West, Texas. However, my guess is that there will be stepped up law enforcement efforts from the Texas Department of Public Safety and local West police officers to try and remove this current stain of DUI deaths that are giving this popular Central Texas city a self inflicted 'black eye'.

Title: Alcohol Issues In West Texas
Written: August 03 2008
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