Monday, July 21, 2008

Waco Theaters Full As 'Black Knight' Opens

It was difficult to find a place to park this weekend as the new Batman movie, 'Dark Knight' opened at both the Starplex and Hollywood Theaters in Waco this weekend. Of course, it was not just in Waco,Texas where record audiences showed up to watch this latest chapter in the Batman series – but in theaters both large and small nationwide, 'Dark Knight' broke box office records because this movie will be the last the late Keith Ledger will appear in.

In what some movie critics are calling an Oscar performance, the late Keith Ledger plays the 'Joker' in 'Dark Knight'. While driving past the Starplex and Hollywood Theaters this weekend, I was reminded of another movie that also had Waco movie theater parking lots filled to capacity for weeks. That movie was called, 'Titanic' and because of the repeat attendance of teenage girls, every showing of that movie was sold out for weeks at both of Waco's large movie theater complexes.

Now the latest big movie of the summer of 2008 is 'Dark Knight' and according to late estimates it will earn a record breaking $165 million plus in U.S. receipts in it's opening weekend. The success of 'Dark Knight' as well as 'Iron Man' and the new Indiana Jones movie called 'Kingdom of the Crystal Skull' are making 2008 a record breaking year at the movie box office both here in Central Texas and around the country.

While there is no doubt that this summers movies are well produced and they are enticing both young and old audiences to visit a local theater, the real reason that the 2008 movie season is going so well is because of record high gas prices – which are causing more Americans to look for entertainment closer to home. That said, my wife and I are more than willing to wait for all three of these blockbuster movies to reach the Starplex Dollar Theater, here in Waco, sometime in the near future. We are middle aged and I use that term loosely, so we have more patience than many young folks that have to see the latest and greatest new movie at full price. That said, we will probably be the first in line when all three of this big summer movies hit the Waco dollar show and I for one am looking forward to seeing each and everyone of them.

Title: Waco Theaters Full As 'Black Knight' Opens
Written: July 20 2008
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