Friday, July 18, 2008

Waco PD Taser Guns Draw Controversy

In the City of Waco, there is a big discussion going on about the use of Taser Guns by the Waco Police Department. Like Waco, thousands of other police departments around the country are debating the wisdom of the Taser Gun as a less lethal form of police control than a firearm. While there are pros and cons regarding the use of Taser Guns, my personal feeling is that anything that keeps a Waco police officer from having to shoot and kill a suspect is a good thing.

In recent month, there have been stories both here in Waco and around the United States where some suspects have died after being stunned by a Taser Gun. From the limited research I have been able to do in regards to this subject, it appears to me that in most of these incidents where death occurred after a person was shocked with a Taser Gun, there were other underlying factors that contributed to those deaths in a addition to the use of the Taser.

There is another important reason why Waco police officers should be given the option of using a Taser Gun instead of a firearm where they shoot to kill and that reason involves the long term mental health of the police officer. While most people look at the police as somehow being different from the rest of us, in reality they are the same as the people they protect. Every year, hundreds of police officers are haunted by the fact they were forced to take the life of another human being and if these Taser Guns could prevent that added trauma on police officers then so much the better.

I would bet that the number of people that die from an officer involved shooting with a gun are much higher than the few that end up dead after being stunned by a Taser Gun. While some liberal nut cases try and take some non lethal tools away from police officers, these same people would be the first to complain if officer involved fatal shootings went up dramatically if Taser Guns were taken away from police. Sometimes I wonder which side some of these people that are always criticizing police are on? Is it the police or the people that are out to do us all harm?

Title: Waco PD Taser Guns Draw Controversy
Written: July 18 2008
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