Friday, July 18, 2008

Waco Car Thefts Are Increasing?

On Monday, one of our family vehicles was broken into and someone tried to steal it by braking the steering column. Fortunately for us, this car theft was unsuccessful – but none the less it cost us over $500 to get the vehicle repaired. After this car thief tried and failed to steal our vehicle, he went a few cars down in the parking lot and was more successful at stealing someone else's car.

Since this almost car theft happened to us in the heart of Waco, Texas on Monday – I have been asking other friends and coworkers about this problem. Much to my surprise, there have been people breaking into and stealing old models of cars trucks and SUVs in Waco for years. Apparently, vehicles that are a certain age do not have the same anti theft features on them as newer models of cars and truck.

There is a tremendous sense of anger that overtakes a person when they wake up in the morning to go to work only to find that their window is busted out of their car and to make matters worse, that car cannot be started after some thief tried to break into the vehicles steering column. Most people I have spoken to about the problem in Waco say that they believe most of these car thefts are being perpetrated by only a few young people that use these vehicles for nothing more than joy rides and abandon them shortly after they run out of gas.

I know the Waco police department has their hands full, but the constant breaking into cars either to steal stereos or even worse to steal the vehicle for a joy ride needs to be stopped. The best chance of catching the people responsible for these car thefts in Waco is for someone to catch them in the act and for a Waco Police Officer to be close by to make the arrest. However, just because these criminals get caught does not mean they will stay in jail long. With violent criminals rightfully taking up our shortage of jail space – more than likely a car thief will be released in a short period of time because our local jail is filled to capacity on most days.

Title: Waco Car Thefts Are Increasing?
Written: July 18 2008
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