Saturday, July 26, 2008

Waco Burns Under 100 Degree Plus Weather

It was very hot today and the weather man just said on our local 10pm news that tomorrow the high temperature here in Waco will be 103 degrees. For the most part, the summer of 2008 has been fairly mild. Only on a few days have we seen the temperature raise to above 100 degrees, but now that the end of July is approaching – I have a feeling that our good luck is about to run out.

This afternoon I needed to buy a few things at Walmart so my wife and I headed that way in our car. As we approached our car and opened it for the first time today, it was around 4:30 in the afternoon and when we first opened up our car doors the heat that poured out of our vehicle was tremendous. With the doors still open, I reached in and rolled down the drivers and passenger side windows before we got in.

Finally, the temperature in the car got down to around 89 degrees as we pulled up to the Walmart parking lot. I must say that I feel sorry for people that have cars without air conditioning this summer. For people that live in Colorado or the northeast part of the country it must be hard for them to imagine just how hot it really gets here in Central Texas.

A friend of mine at work said that she and her husband were going to buy a swimming pool to put in their backyard this weekend. While I'm sure they were hot putting that large above ground pool up in this weekends heat, more than likely next weekend and for the next few months they will get great enjoyment out of a cool place to spend these hot days of summer here in Texas.

When I was a kid, dad made his living farming cotton in the Texas panhandle. Every summer our family would take a July vacation either to Colorado or the northern part of New Mexico in Red River. While dad made his living by farming in the State of Texas, come July he was sick of our hot weather and wanted to vacation in a cool place far away from our Texas home.

There have been many summer where I just wanted to pick up the family and head to Colorado for the summer, but like so many other people that is easier said than done considering job demands and the financial stress that would put on us because of almost $4 per gallon gas prices.

Title: Waco Burns Under 100 Degree Plus Weather
Written: July 26 2008
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