Monday, July 28, 2008

Tribute To Deploying Soldiers At MCC

Yesterday, while most citizens of Waco were trying to find ways to stay cool in 100 degree plus temperatures, a few hundred friends and close family members of Texas National Guard members turned out at McLennan Community College (MCC) to honor these soldiers as they prepare for additional training and a fall deployment to Iraq. With the exception of the daily bickering between Senator's Obama and McCain about the wisdom of the War in Iraq, very little is being reported in the news media about the thousands of young men and women that are still in harms way in Iraq and Afghanistan today.

Among those speaking yesterday at MCC were Congressman Chet Edwards and Waco Mayor Virginia Dupree. On last night's television news, it was difficult to watch the faces of the family members of these deploying Texas National Guard forces as their eyes filled with tears while at the same time their posture showed nothing but pride. When a person is married to a member of the U.S. armed forces, there is always that sense of dread when someone they love is deployed to a far away land for months and sometimes for more than a year at a time.

It's not only the spouses and children of deploying Texas National Guard personnel that are effected when they spend long tours overseas, but also their friends, coworker and of course parents that worry endlessly about the safety of their young son or daughter in such a hostile and far away place. For me, as I watched these young men and women of the Texas National Guard preparing to depart Central Texas yesterday to train and eventually serve in the War in Iraq, all of my petty problems and issues seemed to fade away. In fact, I felt ashame that I was letting petty problems stand in the way of enjoying my weekend when just across town other families were facing real and potentially deadly consequences for family members they love.

It is the responsibility of all Americans to look after and offer support to the families that are sending a loved one to Iraq or Afghanistan to protect our freedom. Many of these family members will take a low profile and appear to be doing alright. However, down deep inside their heart and soul they are hurting and living in a constant state of worry. The right thing to do is to reach out and help these family members get through each and every day. Some people might be able to help with financial needs, while other can give of their time. Please remember that just because the mainstream media isn't covering the Iraq War as much as they use to, does not mean that there are not soldiers and Texas National Guard members facing down danger everyday in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Title: Tribute To Deploying Soldiers At MCC
Written: July 28 2008
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