Friday, July 25, 2008

Baylor President Fired Because Of Unity Concerns

Baylor President John Lilley was fired this week by the Baylor Board of Regents after Lilley had failed to united the various fighting faction at the school. For years, there has been a dispute at the core of Baylor University between the schools leadership, the Board of Regents and the facility. What pretty much sealed the deal in regards to the firing of Lilley boiled down to his refusal to offer tenure to several professors that had eared that honor at Baylor University.

While I have never attended Baylor University, it is pretty easy to see why there would be problems for any person that is selected to be the President of that school. Several years ago, Baylor decided that it wanted to start more resembling an Ivy League school than the honored Baptist University it had been known as for generations. Part of this transformation involved bringing Baylor up in nation university ratings, especially in the field of research. Along with raising academic standards, a full fledge building boom has hit the Baylor Waco campus, in recent years, where millions of dollars have been spent on new buildings and complete renovations of existing structures.

Of course, along with this tremendous change effort called Baylor 2012, has come tremendous financial pressure on Baylor University and the people that work there are charged with finding new sources of money, mainly from getting increased contributions from Baylor alumni. While most of this new money has been raised by increasing the pressure put on former Baylor graduates to increase their annual giving to the University, new students are also being hit with higher tuition fees which already were high compared to other Texas schools.

While President Lilley is no longer in charge at Baylor University there is little doubt that the next person that is selected to run Baylor University will also face the same kinds of problems that President Lilley was unable to solve. Maybe the powers that be at Baylor University should rethink their grand plans of university expansion by the year 2012. It could be that the written ideas of where the Board of Regents want the university to be by 2012 is not a realistic target. While their idea of an Ivy League school on the Brazos River in Waco might be a good one. It could be that their timetable is too short and they are putting too much pressure on the administration of Baylor. It might be a good idea to push the time horizon for change at Baylor further into the future than 2012 and develop a more realistic timetable for major change to the school.

Title: Baylor President Fired Because Of Unity Concerns
Written: July 25 2008
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