Sunday, July 20, 2008

100 Degree Temp Causes Weekend Suffering

This weekend we had one and possibly two days where the temperature here in Waco was above 100 degrees. Both Saturday and Sunday my wife and I had to get outside to do some shopping and on both days it was so hot in our car that it was almost impossible to sit in it until we opened the doors for a few minutes to let the hot air out.

Today, we visited Red Lobster for lunch because we found a $3 off coupon in the local paper. In order to beat the after church crowd, we decided not to go eat lunch until about 2:30pm. As we approached our car that was not under a car port or in a garage, we noticed that it seemed not only hot outside today, but also humid for a day when it was close to 100 degrees outside.

Then came the magic moment when we unlocked our car, opened the door and felt heat similar to opening a kitchen oven coming out from inside. I ask my wife to just leave her door open for a few minutes, along with mine, so some of the tremendous heat that had built up inside could escape before we climbed in. After a few minutes we did get into the car and it was cooler, but not by much.

That trick of opening the car door and letting some of the excess heat that has built up inside, out, is a technique an old friend of mine that use to be in the car business taught me. He told me that air conditioning systems only blow out cool air that is about 16 degrees cooler than the air that is being taken in inside the vehicle.

Considering that the inside of a car can reach temperatures of 130 to 140 degrees after being closed off for a long period of time on a summer day, it is no wonder that if we don't let our cars cool off a bit before we leave and turn on the A/C we will suffer for longer during our drive.

BTW, the lunch at Red Lobster was great and we meet a new friend that just started working there only one week ago named Nathan. It's always nice to enjoy the weekend, but for me it is much more enjoyable in Waco when those weekends take place in March or October, rather than in the middle of July.

Title: 100 Degree Temp Causes Waco Weekend Suffering
Written: July 20 2008
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