Friday, January 17, 2014

Melissa Williams Murder-Suicide Victim (McKinney Tx)

Texas News Blog: 36-year-old Melissa Williams was the victim of a murder-suicide yesterday in McKinney, Texas. According to police, Williams was shot inside her car and killed by her estranged husband, Cedric McFail, around 5:30pm on Thursday. She was shot near the Discovery Learning Center located in the 1800 block of W. White Avenue. Police report that after murdering Williams', McFail drove to a nearby home in the 2700 block of Frontier Lane and after a brief conversation with a person there - turned the gun on himself and fired. Melissa Williams' children were inside the car when she was fatally shot, but thankfully they were physically unharmed. Texas Child Protective Services took the children into their temporary custody until permeate arrangements can be made. It is known that Williams and McFail were involved in a nasty divorce. Sadly, here is another case where the wrong person in a murder-suicide was shot first. If a person wants to kill themselves, then so be it. However, I do not understand what kind of control issues must be rooted in the brains of folks who feel like they must play God and take the life of someone else, before committing suicide. Those kids are going to need a lot of therapy.


dash denny said...

water is behind a lot of these brain illnesss ,i dont bath in the show or tube i use bottle water and it works great , i dont drink it either ... you have to know that water causes alzehnmer ,parkinson , diabetes , siezures , depression , insomia , insanity , blue mood , pshchosis, mental retardation and more .. after a long term using it ,, use bottle water preferably distilled

dash denny said...

why did he have to shoot her infront ot the kids idiot ., pure demonic hate , does did he consider how badly these kids would grow up feeling .. seeing your moma killed by someone you love and trust , waht on earth did she do to him , why couldnt they work it out .. you just dont know who you layin next to anymore .. there are some real pschos out here i n the world people who mean you no good from day one ..some folks have kids together and fight over custody why , the father ususally dont want to pay child support to a woman he dispise and it gets real deadly at that point revengeful one will win ... people dont understand co parenting they just say they do , you have to care about a person to work with them ....if the hate is to bad.. you will fail miserabley and i htink this lady hated him and was not working together with him as he wanted and he was infuriated and killed her ... he wanted out of his life and he wasnt about to die and she collect his pension or live off his miliatray benefits which goes to the kids ... he hated her and this is so sad