Saturday, February 23, 2013

25-Year-Old Jose Mata San Antonio Killed By Police Friday

On Friday afternoon in San Antonio, a Bexar County deputy was shot two times by the passenger in a stole vehicle he had stopped. A few hours later - police found that suspect, Jose Mata, and after he pointed a gun at them they shot and killed him.

Diane Mollaghan Bastrop County Animal Shelter Arrested DWI

The director of the Bastrop Animal Shelter, Diane Mollaghan, was arrested this morning and charged with driving while intoxicated. Mollaghan has been accused of mismanaging the shelter in recent weeks from both employees and volunteers. Mollaghan was released on a $ 5000.00 bond Saturday afternoon.

Monorail At Dallas Zoo Strands Almost 100 Visitors

On Saturday, a huge monorail at the Dallas Zoo broke down and stranded 93 people above. Employees from Dallas Fire and Rescue were eventually able to rescue all the stranded zoo patrons from their elevated cars.

Matthew Taylor Mays San Antonio Arrested For Armed Robbery

Around 2am this morning, there were armed robberies committed on Babcock Road in San Antonio. Four different people were robbed at gunpoint before someone recognized one of the suspects. Police later went to an apartment where Matthew Taylor Mays was located. After being instructed to leave the apartment, Mays allegedly refused and a short standoff occurred. Eventually, Mays left the apartment and was taken into custody by police.

Ace Hardware Wimberley Texas Fire Burns To The Ground

A major fire destroyed the Ace Hardware Store in Wimberley last night. The fire started around 9:30pm and spread quickly. By the time the Wimberley Fire Department arrived on the scene, the building was completely engulfed in flames.

Man In Fort Worth Throws Dog From Trinty Boulevard Bridge

According to witnesses, a man was walking a dog along the Trinty Boulevard bridge around 4pm Friday, when without explanation he picked up the dog and threw it off the bridge. Police were call and after investigating, they found a dead dog beneath the bridge. If you have any information on who the man was that committed this crime, call Deanna Boyd at 817-390-7655.

Robert Earl Peters Richardson Texas Man Killed Hit & Run

A 44-year-old man from Richardson, Robert Earl Peters Jr., was killed early Saturday morning when a hit and run driver stuck and killed him. The accident occurred around 2am on Colt Road.

Diane Ravitch Save Texas Schools Austin Texas Rally

There was a massive teachers rally in Austin today that was lead by activist Diane Ravitch. The rally was designed to call attention issues facing classroom teachers in Texas. Elected leaders said the current cuts to the Texas public eduction system are shameful and immoral.

Mesh Mask Bandit Dallas Texas FBI Releases Additional Info

For the past three months, a man in the Dallas area has been robbing banks at will. The FBI calls this man the "mesh mask bandit", because he wears a type of mesh over his face to prevent people from identifying him. The "mesh mask bandit" has robbed nine banks since December of last year and police are hoping to catch him with the help of the public. Click "more details" below for additional information.

New Seat Belt Cars & Trucks Needed For Stubborn Texas Teenagers

I was young once and I know any teenagers who read this are going to be against me. However, Texas parents and grandparents have just suffered through one of the worst weeks in a long time. In Central Texas alone, over five teenagers have been killed in as many days in car crashes where no seat belts were worn. They make cars for habitual DWI criminals that won't start until the driver proves he or she is not intoxicated. Why can't a car by made that will not allow a teenager to start it, unless everyone in the vehicle is wearing a seat belt? If they unbuckle, then the car stops running. Better the car dies than the teenagers inside.

Joseph Thornhill Former Tarrant County Jailer Arrested

30-year-old Joseph Thornhill, a former corrections officer at the Tarrant County jail, was arrested on Friday and charged with brutality and harassment of inmates while he was employed at the facility. Thornhill is also facing a federal lawsuit, as well. Joseph Thornhill resigned his job at the Tarrant County jail last April. According to police records, Thornhill verbally abused prisoners under his care and also used violence and intimidation during his tenure at the jail facility.

3-Year-Old Garland Texas Boy Shoots Himself In The Head

Earlier this week, there was a shooting in a Garland home that left a 3-year-old little boy dead. After an investigation, it appears that the child shot himself in the head with a loaded handgun he found in the residence. Police continue to investigate this death and are looking into possibly charging someone in the home with negligence - because a handgun was readily available for a young child to locate.

Manny Herrera Bexar County Deputy Shot During Traffic Stop

After stopping a stolen vehicle at Old Cimarron Trail and Gibbs Sprawl Road on Friday, Bexar County Deputy Manny Herrera was shot twice by a passenger inside. The man then fled the scene. Fortunately, Deputy Herrera did not suffer life-threatening wounds - but he was severely injured when bullets struck his arm and leg. Later in the day, the man suspected of shooting Herrera was killed in a gunfight with San Antonio police. His name has not been released.

Gabrielle Nestande Austin Jury Recommends 10 Years Probation

Many people in the Austin area were stunned when a jury in the Gabrielle Nestande trial returned on Friday with a recommendation the judge give her only 10-years-probation after finding her guilty just one day earlier of criminally negligent homicide. Some legal expects believe the judge in this case, Karen Sage, is likely to follow the lead of the jury when Nestande is officially sentenced in March.

Michael Wayne Jackson Waco Death Suspected Suicide

A prominent Waco businessman was found dead in his office on Friday by his wife. While suicide is suspected as the cause of Michael Wayne Jackson's death. No official determination will be forthcoming until an autopsy is completed. Jackson was recently indicted by a grand jury and his arrest was expected in the near future.