Saturday, February 23, 2013

Robert Earl Peters Richardson Texas Man Killed Hit & Run

A 44-year-old man from Richardson, Robert Earl Peters Jr., was killed early Saturday morning when a hit and run driver stuck and killed him. The accident occurred around 2am on Colt Road.


Sandy Perez said...

To. Everyone that had all ugly things to say you people didn't know my brother my brother did nothing wrong ever he was the kindest guy anyone could meet and to his dad bobby peters you were worthless couldnt even show up at his funeral,and to Lyn no iwouldnt have hit and run because I might get time I would have stopped and surrendered aid and my brother was no criminal like you say maybe you or Bobby had something to do with this thats why you two were not at the funeral cause yall guilty and cant show your faces this is his sister trying to make someone fess up to responsibility for this tragedy my brother went through he was my only brother now he's gone forever!

Sandy Perez said...

If anyone has any onfo please help us find this vicious killer and put him away for this hit and run